RTX 3060: When Nvidia takes you for an dumb!

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  • RTX 3060 graphics cards are out. Promoted as the cheapest in the line, we realize that once again, with incestuous alliances between Nvidia, manufacturers and sellers, users are both the turkeys and the jerks of the farce.

    RTX 3060 graphics cards are out. Promoted as the cheapest in the line, we realize that once again, with incestuous alliances between Nvidia, manufacturers and sellers, users are both the turkeys and the jerks of the farce.

    I’m going into my 40s and therefore, it’s been almost 20 years since I don’t have had my eyes fixed on the release of the “last generation” graphics cards to rush to buy them by selling my two arms and my two balls (the addition of balls allows to have RTX 3060 Ti).

    But I always watch tech news out of the corner of my eye, and watched casually as the 30xx released last year. Yes, these are good cards, the 3080 card or even the 3090, but already, I find it indecent to offer graphics cards from 1500 to 3000 dollars in a year and a world where more and more people are rummaging through the trash for find food. But after all, as long as there are assholes out there to buy them.

    The RTX 3060 is supposed to be the “poor card”. That is to say that when you drool with envy in front of an RTX 3070, 3080 or 3090 knowing that you will never be able to afford them, well, in its greatness, Nvidia, Sauron or Griffith of our time (that depends on your references), give you a card that you can pay for.

    On the Nvidia site, the RTX 3060 is announced “from” 330 dollars. The “From” is an expression that farters and marketing bitches will throw at you to make you salivate when you have nothing in your pocket. Like when you go on the hookers’ tour on Saturday night and go from Escort Girls to 1500 dollar a pass, you look for the one who gives you a blowjob for 25 bucks.

    These 330 dollars are never real. There is only one manufacturer that offers RTX 3060s for less than $ 400 and that is Zotac. And when you’re a Gamer, you don’t buy Zotac. Zotac is the kind of brand you would never choose even if you only had a second to live and only Zotac was left on planet earth. And when you want to avoid the attacks of Zotac whose cards have been assembled by macaques under crack, then the prices exceed 500 dollars. 519, 539, 549, 589, 599 and even 600 dollars.

    That is to say, Nvidia is able to sell a card for 600 bucks when it advertised it for 335 dollars. But then you, deep down, who eats and shits and squirts Nvidia from morning till night, you’re going to say to me, “Yeah, but uh, it’s because of the scarcity and the covid.” And I want to fuck Emma Watson with a facial cumshot, but you see, that’s never gonna happen.

    Nvidia is a poisonous and disgusting company and one need only look at what happened with the Hardware Unboxed case. Nvidia has full control over its products, all Tech reviewers repeat verbatim what the brand wants them to say in their reviews. Even if Asus sends you an RTX 3060 card, Nvidia must give permission.

    This means that these prices, which are literally a scam, have been dubbed by Nvidia because as I said, if idiots are willing to buy low-end cards at 600 dollars when they are only worth half, so Nvidia is clearly not the only culprit. And the worst part is that even the RTX 3060 at 500 and 600 bucks are out of stock.

    And low end is the word. Because the RTX 3060 are made with the remnants of components that are not up to the standards of the RTX 3080 and 3090. Basically, you pay 500 dollars for waste that is not at all up to what you expect from a GPU in 2021. And in these cards, there is a scam that Nvidia came out, “came out” because I was already seeing this scam when I was 20 years old and I was still a prole like today and when you are poor, you fall back on a counterfeit card hoping that it will be as efficient as the Geforce, but in fact, after 15 minutes, the card is an oven, because it is chinese shit from a to z.

    If you are my age, then you understand the scam. These are the 12 GB of GDDR6. It’s the oldest crap in the world. When your GPU, you mounted it doing the garbage, then you compensate by adding RAM and hoping that the deep morons who buy them are going to get cheated which they are. Everyone is screaming “12GB RAM” while RAM without the GPU that is able to use them is like putting a big steering wheel, F1 seats and a gigantic muffler in a Mini.

    Not only will this not help, but there will be bottlenecks everywhere. But everyone gets caught in the trap, because review sites make their living with sponsored links, so they don’t want to get angry with Nvidia and its henchmen or else they won’t receive new products.

    We also have other scoundrels in this huge chain of scams. Manufacturers like Asus or MSI who have no problem charging a rotten card at the same price as an RTX 3070. We also have the sales sites that stuff themselves like pigs by pushing the price up again and again in the hope that people are going to get screwed because it’s “new” and everyone is “buying them off”.

    Today’s technology is rotten to the core. Everyone cheats, everyone crams, no one does anything honest anymore. And that goes for the entire tech industry. And we hit Nvidia, because it’s the most heinous of crooks, but AMD is no slouch with its own products. To say that we thought we wiped out all this shit 10 years ago when the manufacturers did what they wanted. They took us for idiots.

    We thought that with the ton of information, of medias available, there would be more honest people in the sector, who would denounce what should be considered as a huge Ponzi scheme where the best performances are dangled in products that smell of piss and excrement, at ever higher prices.

    The RTX 3060 is useless from a to z. It is poorly performing, struggling in most recent games, graphics and video game softwares. The price might have justified it, but even then Nvidia and his cronies figured they could make a ton of money. In a time of the biggest silicon shortage crisis in history, you’d think they wouldn’t put this shit out.

    But this silicon, they already had it, but the conclusion is when in the technological world of which we are so praised the wonders, we are able to sell you a card for 500 dollars when these components come from the trash.

    Sad record of the situation.

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    2 Responses

    1. Liam says:

      I enjoyed the ruthlessness of this article, it is a weird world we live in right now. for the cost of a 3060, I bought a laptop with one in it.

    2. Yasha says:

      You’re right, the 3060 is trash. But have you actually looked at some of the reviewers? They have called it out nicely. Maybe not using the language you did, since they put their face in the video and have a company to run themselves, but they’re honest about the terrible price to performance of the card. The Add-in board partners like MSI and EVGA are squeezed dry of their margins because NV makes them eat the cost of cooling their low efficiency architecture and the GDDR6X which runs hot as hell. So they pass that cost to the retailers, who I do agree are just taking advantage of the situation.

      Saying the whole industry is rotten is like saying Apple is rotten for selling mid range proprietary products at a premium price. Supply and demand dude, the market simply shifted to cater to more affluent people. Given enough time, there will be a solution for budget oriented gamers but for now, the upper middle class and rich people can buy all the cards being made so why not jack them up? Plus the whole raw materials and NAND pricing issue….but that’s not really worth debating.

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