Partnership and collaboration

Comparaland offers several types of partnerships and collaborations to increase your visibility and promote your products and services.

Sponsored articles

The starting price is $ 150 (you provide the article). Please note that I do not accept Paypal payments! Only by Payoneer or Skrill. Make sure you can pay us with Payoneer or Skrill before making your proposals.

We accept also wire transfert but you must a company.

Note: If you can only pay by Paypal, you can use Xoom which is a service of Paypal. Contact me for Xoom for more details.

Product’s reviews

I’m always looking for interesting products and services to review. Note that this partnership is free for you. For example, if you have software to review and it is in a paid version, you can provide me with a license to review it. For product’s reviews, as a comparative site, I accept the majority of products. Keep in mind that I live in Madagascar, so make sure you can ship here.

Software, products and services must correspond to the theme of the site.

Links and banners

Under certain conditions, we can accept to insert links or advertising banners. Please contact us for our respective rates. Typically, a single link starts at $ 30 while a banner can cost $ 200 depending on the length of the contract.

Site Statistics

For more transparency, here are the site statistics, the data is directly extracted from our statistics plugin:

Monthly visitors Monthly pages views
15268 27452

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