RTX 3080 Super, a stupid idea these days

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  • Rumors of the coming of an RTX 3080 Super, if true, would show that not only is Nvidia totally out of touch with reality, but also very, very stupid.

    A listing on the HP site has spread a rumor about a possible RTX 3080 Super to be launched by Nvidia. As a reminder, the Super variant is a card with more power than the base model. But this leak on the HP site is crap, because the product in question is an All-In-One computer, which are simply Laptops that have been put in a case.

    It is impossible and totally unnecessary to put an RTX 3080 Super in this type of machine. But maybe Nvidia takes the temperature of the market, but that would be very stupid in more ways than one. When the 3000 series was released, everyone rushed to the RTX 3080. Because on the one hand, it is a perfect compromise between breathtaking power and a price that is not insane (that was before).

    The RTX 3090 was too expensive while the RTX 3070 was way too low. And I’m not even talking about the RTX 3060 which is just a garbage. But in the meantime, the Batman virus has arrived, combined with a semiconductor shortage. Prices have skyrocketed and today an RTX 3080 is selling between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000.

    If Nvidia dared to launch the RTX 3080 Super under these conditions, then users’ rage would be heard all the way to Pluto. For the past 18 months they’ve been doing everything they can to get their hands on a 3080 and meanwhile NVIDIA thinks it would be a good idea to launch another 3080 card rather than supplying the long queues on pre-order sites? If that’s true, then Nvidia would not only take the curse of all consumers, but it would be a paper launch because it wouldn’t be available.

    It will be necessary to wait until the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 for the situation to return to normal. And above all, do you think that society is that calm, in all countries, to put 2,500 dollars on a graphics card? If you think so, then it looks like you and Nvidia don’t live on the same planet as us.

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