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  • The French Twitch scene is a reflection of what we see in society. Selfishness and hypocrisy on all levels.

    The French Twitch scene is a reflection of what we see in society. Selfishness and hypocrisy on all levels.

    Since I had nothing to do the last few days due to partial unemployment looming over the horizon, I watched lots of videos. And I discovered a really special world of Twitch and behind the scenes. Main streaming platform, people getting rich, events organized regularly.

    Much of the online entertainment is monopolized by Twitch. I have never used this platform even though I watch VOD of some stuff on Youtube. And I wanted to know who these successful streamers are, how it goes and if everyone can be successful.

    Behind stupid nicknames, we have good stories and you can go watch shows like Zack en roue libre (in french). Nothing personal there, but the whole picture is absolute Selfishness. When you look at the list of the best streamers on Twitch, whether in terms of money or stats, you see that they all come from the same background.

    Esports mainly when streaming started to take off around 2015. Esports, video games and let’s say that’s normal, these are the sectors that needed streaming. But when you look at these people and their stories, everyone comes from the same social background, the same culture and most importantly, they all know each other.

    In all areas, selfishness is the rule from the start. We create a sector from nothing and we support each other. But in 2021, especially after 2020 which saw absolute streaming audience records, this selfishness is taken even further to the extreme. You can only succeed if the leaders of this French community give you a helping hand. You could say that the mantra “all it takes is good content to be successful” is just a phrase that we put into formations to be successful on Twitch, which are sold at 1000 bucks.

    Evil tongues will say that those on Twitch are leftists, sons of the bourgeoisie and never had any problems in life. And that would be giving a false image. Many of these people have gone through many hardships to get to this platform.

    But their tendency and it’s the same on Youtube is that they are all real life duds. Failures in school life, university studies, a career in a company or just a normal job. They’re all misfits and when you look at their age, they’re all Gen Z, the one born between 1995 and 2000. The average age of streamers on Twitch is 25 years old.

    And I see in them a sort of real-life disdain, like they’re better than everyone else. A trend that has been confirmed by numerous studies on these millennials. The “Me, me, me” generation as I said in one of my books (in french). What is even more hallucinating is that this egoism, they celebrate it as a cardinal virtue. Since it’s just me and the others, I can crush them. My desires, my life, my emotions, the collective is in the trash with a molotov cocktail.

    And all those who get started on Twitch are forced to go through this selfishness. If the platform was well structured, everyone could be successful, but they are not. This selfishness is glorified by dozens of featuring, a concept where we will do stupid things together, just to raise numbers.

    Hypocria is the second characteristic of this French Twitch community. French, but other communities are no better, because Twitch is first and foremost a celebration of prostitution and begging. Prostitute as much as you can and maybe passers-by will give you some penny.

    Everyone’s smiling, wearing extreme makeup, fake rattling laughter, fake good humor, basically this generation is copying exactly the same mechanics as the presenters and columnists in the mass media. Youthism, a liberal form of entrepreneurship, serves as a varnish to hide an extremely rotten garbage can and to glorify the consumer society to its limits.

    Wanted Notice: If you find an ugly female Youtuber or Streamer who’s successful, like financially well-off and a few hundred thousand subscribers, then put their name in a comment, I’ve been looking for this rare species for quite some time.

    It’s always battles over subscribers, donations and stabbing in the back. You don’t hesitate to use your “community” to attack others. We constantly puke at others. These behaviors also exist in real life, whether in business or otherwise, but they are regulated. You have classic corporate shackles, fashioned over decades, that make sure it never gets out of hand.

    Drama and treason on Twitch are everyday and people love it. Another characteristic of these streamers is that they are addicted to this 24-hour prostitution. Streaming is not like making videos on Youtube. Here you need a good PC, not a lightning bolt and a very good connection. And that’s it, the initial investment is minimal because paradoxically in this world of video, sound is more important than image.

    No need for editing, directing, writing or other skills. We launch the cam and we go. Obviously, a lot of candidates and few elected. We could also talk here about Amazon behind which fully capitalizes its services with Twitch, but that will be for another time.

    And this streaming quickly becomes an addiction. After a few months, these people can’t help but stream, rain or snow. They stream while on vacation, I’ve seen wedding, funeral, childbirth streams. In fact, all intimate aspects of life become a bonanza for television prostitution.

    And again, it reminds me of the trend for presenters and columnists. When you are surprised to see a columnist who does 4 or 5 shows a day, then go on the radio, go to other channels, you wonder how he can hold up like that. The truth is, they’re hooked on the spotlight and the camera. They need the applause and need to be filmed all the time. In fact, if you imagine Twitch’s dystopian future, it’s Idiocracy.

    People sprawled out on huge screens, watching anything and everything, doing anything and everything, to earn money and eat like pigs. Real slugs sprawled out on their armchairs. A whole life spent between four walls as the world flies to Gods and space.

    I’m not even talking about the other mechanisms. Males who show beautiful muscles and put on makeup to be more beautiful. Females are the cam aimed at the breasts than the rest. Soft porn, everything in the methods of Twitch promoting, is inspired by pornography and therefore, automatically towards the prostitution of the individual.

    You could say that the biggest streamers do charity events, they raise funds and that kind of shit. A trader who has scammed thousands of small savers can give a ticket to a homeless man, does that make him a good samaritan? I saw in a live, between these streamers, someone who asked this question: “Who of you supported the yellow vests?” (Yellow vests is a poor’s protest movement in France in 2018). Embarrassed silence for a few seconds and everyone burst out laughing.

    Sure it’s a good joke, yellow vests, after all, you can laugh out loud at the 455 people who had their hands gouged out or lost an eye because of police brutality. I have never laughed so much in my life. I’m talking about the yellow vests of 2018, not the rotten leftists they are now. No one moved, because fundamentally, the social class, which constitutes these streamers, comes from the bourgeoisie and the middle class. Some are downgraded, coming from humble backgrounds, but all, deep down, hate the proletarian and the real poor peoples in society.

    These same degenerates will be outraged for Hong Kong when we don’t give a shit since this is a problem that concerns only the Chinese people. The same will be outraged at Trump, Syria, Yemen, queer gibbons in Indonesia. But when his own people cry famine and ask for help, we laugh like bastards and bitches.

    This is what they are, these people on Twitch.

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