Sergey Tokarev: Ukraine to have the first AI ecosystem

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  • For the first time in Ukraine, there will be created a new artificial intelligence ecosystem. According to one of the project initiators investor Sergey Tokarev, the ecosystem will be named AI House and will join around technology topic numerous educational institutions and businesses, including the Ukrainian Catholic University, the polytechnics in Kyiv and Lviv, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Reface, ZibraAI, and venture studio Pawa.

    The idea of AI House is to unite everyone who works with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), be it startups, large businesses, or universities that prepare future specialists. AI House will provide students with modern up-to-date education, prepare developers, project managers, and other specialists, and will give them an opportunity to implement their ideas, i.e., to create startups with help of seasoned experts who will also take part in the ecosystem.

    AI House is partly financed by Roosh, as both of its initiators—Sergey Tokarev and Dan Dmitrenko—are partners at the technology company. According to them, similar systems already exist in Germany and France, and the Ukrainian one has all the chances to become a leader in Europe. With so many talented and ambitious developers in Ukraine, AI House can expect to seize leadership in the nearest future.

    The CEO at AI House is Bogdan Ponomar, one of the most experienced specialists in the Ukrainian market. Previously, he was responsible for implementing strategic objectives at Ciklum. Bogdan Ponomar notes, that these days, future developers start to study AI in universities only in the third year. Yet, most students find their first job right after entering the university. Therefore, they decided to teach their students with AL and ML a year earlier so that they can implement their knowledge into their work and even try their strength in creating their own startups. Moreover, AI House will also hold numerous events, such as hackathons, intensive camps, and so on, to find the best students and to help everyone develop their skills.

    Most of the subjects in AI House will be focused on AI and ML. However, according to the project’s co-initiator Dan Dmitrenko, there will be also a great part of interdisciplinary studies that will help students and teachers create a complete picture of the AI world with all the involved processes and related industries. Since there will be so many experienced specialists from different spheres, AI House will be not only an educational project but also a co-working place and a platform to share ideas and experiences.

    As mentioned before, the initiative is already supported by prominent businesses, such as Reface, a mobile app that allows users to swap faces on videos, technology company Roosh, Zibra AI, a company that works with 3D processing through an AI-based approach, as well as by representatives of the Genesis Philanthropy Group, the European Commission, Kyiv School of Economics, the University of Toronto, and others.

    As Sergey Tokarev, one of the project’s initiators, notes, AI House will start with a free Machine Learning school. The details of the initiative will be revealed in mid-October.


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