6 Million Filipinos Line-up for National ID

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  • The single national identity card that is currently being deployed in the Philippines will allow citizens to better access government services and financial means.

    The single national identity card that is currently being deployed in the Philippines will allow citizens to better access government services and financial means.

    In August 2018, Republic Act 1055 or otherwise known as the Philippine Identification System Act was signed by the President of the Philippines. This Act aims to establish a single national ID for all Filipinos and resident aliens. This ID will serve as legal proof of identification when doing public or private transactions such as the opening of bank accounts. The government is hopeful it will increase efficiency especially in dealing with government services. It also helps to take fast loan here robocash.ph/articles/personal-loan

    Why Valid ID so important to Filipinos?

    It is common knowledge that many Filipinos do not have a valid ID, this resulted in encountering problems whether in the government or private sector since an ID is required in all transactions. That is why the government through the Philippine Statistics Authority is pushing this program to register the majority of Filipinos by 2022.

    The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has announced that 5,788,615 low-income Filipinos have taken the first step of the registration phase for the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) despite the delays posed by the recent typhoons. PhilSys partnering with the Department of National Defense is set to transport the registration kits to 32 provinces but encountered delays due to the calamities that happened.

    Registrants and barangays officials were notified about the changes of schedule, but once the registration kits arrive then, phase two will commence. Phase two of the registration involves the capturing of biometric information such as fingerprints and iris scans. The third step is the issuance of a physical ID card stored with a 2-digit PhilSys number or a personal serial number (PSN) and a 6-digit PhilSys card number (PCN).

    Easy of getting financial services

    The PSA reported that 89 percent of registrants have so far signified that they presently do not have any bank accounts. This only showed the importance of making sure that the country’s national ID plan must be successful. It was noted that one of the major obstacles to people’s inclusion in the financial arena is the lack of formal identification.

    With the national ID,  more people will have access to basic banking services and will help them steer away from other lending practices that charge heavy interest rates. It will also encourage Filipinos to put up a savings account that is safe and ready when the necessity arises. Researches noted that a large percentile of Filipinos do not have any savings kept for their emergency use.

    This national ID program will also help Filipinos especially those in the low-income group access government services. This was clearly seen during the implementation of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) when the government gave aid to the people because of the lockdown which prevented them to work and have income. Many people do not have any valid ID which resulted in chaos and delays. Some were even dismayed and did not push through with their claims. This happens often because almost all transactions with the government require a valid ID.

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