Shop and Ship to Madagascar, worst shipping time: 86 days !!

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  • A little feedback on Shop and Ship and Aramex in Madagascar, I had a shipping that took 86 days. Almost 3 months, I think it’s an absolute record.

    This is just an update from the article I wrote on Shop and Ship, Aramex’s shipping service. In this review, I had a first shipping that took 38 days, from the United States to Madagascar. And I said I still had several deliveries going. The second arrived and it took 86 days to reach me. 3 months to deliver a package, I think that’s an absolute record.

    I have 3 more packages still on the way, I think we will crush this 86 day record.

    • 1st package from the United States to Madagascar – Received by Aramex offices on December 30, 2020, Delivered at my home on March 26, 2021
      • Delivery time: 86 days (almost 3 months)

    I would put the other packages above as we go, because we might have a lot of fun. How to explain such a mess, because on this point, Aramex and Shop and Ship is the worst shipping service in the world in terms of time. Firstly, Madagascar and the Indian Ocean are not the target market for this service as I said in my first article.

    He mainly focuses on the Middle East, but still, 3 months is rubbish. In addition, as I said for my first package, it is especially in Mauritius that things get stuck. It seems that the Mauritians have a really particular conception of “work”, because guys, they sometimes take a month or more to process the package. That is to say that from the United States to South Africa, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks, then it goes to Mauritius and it stays stuck there for almost 2 months.

    Because you can see it in the tracking, the package left South Africa on January 13th and arrived in Mauritius on January 19th. And he remained in Mauritius from January 19, 2021 until March 18, 2021, or 58 days. You might think that they sent by boat to Madagascar, for lack of flights, but I also order on AliExpress and even they send me by boat, it takes a maximum of 45 days!

    When he arrives in Madagascar, it goes quite quickly, but it is really in Mauritius that they are lazy bones who never give a damn.


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