Windows 11: 15% drop in CPU performance according to AMD

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  • AMD announces that if you use Windows 11 with its CPUs, you will experience an average performance of 15% which hurts your ass. But there is worse.

    AMD announces that if you use Windows 11 with its CPUs, you will experience an average performance of 15% which hurts your ass. But there is worse.

    Launched with great fanfare on October 5, 2021, Windows 11 is already causing problems, 24 hours later… In other words, Microsoft is true to its rule of releasing an alpha product for marketing and spending the next 3 years fixing it. So, if you have Windows 11 installed, then you will experience 15% performance on average according to AMD. A patch is planned for the month of October.

    But losing 15% of your CPU performance is no small problem, Microsoft should have seen it coming and given the many features of Windows 11, it’s safe to say the worst is yet to come. Even before launch, we were told that PCs running Windows 11 would experience a 25% loss on games.

    It’s nerd when we see that Microsoft tells us that Windows 11 is for GAMERS !! This does not apply to the PCs you build yourself, but rather the pre-built PCs like those from Dell, HP, etc. In fact, in these systems, Windows 11 integrates VBS (Virtual-base Security). It is a security mechanism to protect your files.

    Basically, it’s a subsystem inside Windows 11 that is completely siled and protects sensitive files from malware, ransomware and other crap. Except that no one has ever asked Microsoft for anything and above all, if to take advantage of this mechanism you have to sacrifice 25% of performance in games, then Microsoft is looking at you straight in the eye for a jerk.

    The price of a graphics card is measured in dollars per performance. In general, you get more performance for every dollar spent. With this 25% loss in performance, high-end graphics cards are no longer attractive, as they become too expensive compared to the performance they provide. And if you add the exorbitant prices because of the current shortage, then it’s a disaster if you upgrade to Windows 11.

    And we must not say to ourselves that it is in the minority. Pre-assembled PCs are the biggest PC market. As a result, millions of people will end up with less performance than what they spent. Knowing that pre-assembled PCs have the cheapest components so manufacturers can save the most with the maximum benefit.

    Conclusion? With Windows 11, you get gaming performance at a discount! It must be the new definition of revolution by Microsoft!

    P.S:This article was proudly written on Windows 7 on a 17 year old PC … like what

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