Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs) about the advantages and disadvantages of remote work in the IT industry

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  • The coronavirus pandemic has brought significant changes to the labour market. It has affected the business area and led to reducing the numbers of employees, closing businesses, lacking profits. Despite such impact, the IT industry could withstand this rough period though it has faced challenges to reorganize its structure.  Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs), the CEO of the IT asset management company Generation Partners, spoke about the great changes the IT market had undergone, unpleasant circumstances it can overheat within, and the cons of remote work.

    Home or an office?

    Working life before Covid-19 was different: people were used to spending their working hours only in offices and coping with different activities inside the company’s premises. The remote work was a kind of privilege for many. Then, the advent of Covid-19 has brought changes to every aspect of life as well as every business area. A massive amount of workers were obliged to work from home as all premises were shut down.

    Sergey Kartashov notes that employees have also changed their attitude to working from home and accept it as a great benefit in modern life. The leaders’ companies share the same opinion: they find it beneficial as they don’t have to pay for the premises’ rent. Another advantage of sending the staff to work remotely is reducing less required specialties like assistants, cleaners, office managers, etc.

    The business owner can retain those of more value to the company’s performance: testers, programmers, salespersons, HR, and others. The CEO of Generation Partners adds that the lockdown and quarantine restrictions have also limited the opportunity to conduct various business events that led to decreasing expenses. But more difficulties occur in reaching the corporate culture.

    Sergey Kartashov mentions the range of drawbacks found in remote working as reduced productivity, excess stress, burnout, etc. The expert believes that the hybrid working schedule is more acceptable for most IT specialists. However, remote work has already been established as a new reality for us. As Sergey Kartashov comments, it will probably remain for a long time.

    Raised demand

    The lockdown in 2020 displayed another aspect of considering remote work as a great jump ahead. Many commercial sectors revised their current position in the market and undertook their reorganization to the online format. So, customers can order all they need with one click on their smartphone’s screen. Accordingly, all appropriate actions can be carried out owing to respective IT solutions like proper software, websites, mobile apps, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, landing pages, and more.

    Thus, in 2021, the demand for state-of-art products and services and the number of vacancies on specialized job search resources have increased. Sergey Kartashov notices an unusual situation associated with IT positions: there are more vacancies than applicants. Companies are open to accepting IT specialists even with no experience, which was unsustainable before. All these factors lead to the so-called “overheating economy” of the IT market. Kartashov states that it is difficult to foresee how it will work then.

    Constant migration

    Another change of the new reality in the context of the IT market is a constant migration of employees from small companies to large international organizations. The latter offer improved working conditions, engagement in interesting projects, decent incomes, and social guarantees. Such occasions should force the employers to draw more attention to the human resource policy and peculiarities of the inner corporate culture. This will help to define the corporate values and change the company’s philosophy.

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