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  • When PC power supplies turn into Claymore mines, when a website spurts out these bombs under the pretext of a shortage of graphics cards, then it’s clearly time to throw Gigabyte in the trash with a Molotov cocktail on top.

    When PC power supplies turn into Claymore mines, when a website spurts out these bombs under the pretext of a shortage of graphics cards, then it's clearly time to throw Gigabyte in the trash with a Molotov cocktail on top.

    If you have Gigabyte PC power supplies from the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM models, then stop reading this article about the computer that has these PC power supplies and replace them immediately. Because they risk exploding in your face, but literally. To say Gigabyte is in turmoil is an understatement.

    This is the kind of business that can sink a brand like it was with NZXT’s cases, some of which tended to pass off as good barbecue replacements. The case begins in October 2020 when Gigabyte launches several PC power supplies, namely, the models GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM.

    Explosion of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM PC power supplies

    From the first orders, users notice strange things. Very frequent failures, but also short circuits which cause fires. It was Gamers Nexus that carried out this investigation and discovered the doldrums. In fact, it will take 6 months for GN to complete the investigation, because Gigabyte has done absolutely nothing to repair the damage.

    A good brand responds to the first scares, but even today Gigabyte still tries to sidestep the problem by viewing reviewers as bad guys who are constantly looking to nitpick. But the big problem is going to occur with Newegg.

    Newegg is the go-to site for all computer components. Earlier this year, Newegg will release a bundle comprising a graphics card, a motherboard and you guessed the rest, PC power supplies from Gigabyte, either the GP-P850GM or the GP-P750GM. Newegg is a real slut as is often the case in computers sellers.

    Newegg, a real slut

    The site knew that these PC power supplies could blow up in your face, so you had to dispose of them somehow. Since he also knew that users are hungry for graphics cards like a convict who hasn’t seen a female in 10 years, so they put on RTX 3070s and 3080s to entice customers.

    The Bundles went off at lightning speed. And two things could have happened. If you bought one of these bundles, either you were just looking for the graphics card and just paid $ 150 more for the PC power supply that you put away somewhere. Either you used this PC power supply to mount your machine and there you are in deep trouble.

    As the bundle was a big success, we had thousands of people who ended up with a fundamentally defective PC power supply. And the failures began to appear one after the other. Power supplies catching fire, short circuits, but also the death of other components. Gamers Nexus, in his videos, lost an RTX 3080 when the PC power supply blew up.

    Completely crappy components

    I would not recommend you enough to watch the two videos from Gamers Nexus which explain the problem in detail. It’s pretty technical, but anyone can figure out that Gigabyte has really done some shit. GN has purchased several of these PC power supplies and tested them. There are 50% failure rate! That is, half gave up the soul. This failure rate is huge and unforgivable for a brand like Gigabyte.

    And above all, we’ll talk about it again, but these are not PC power supplies that you buy at 25 dollars, because they are things at 150 dollars, so top of the range. GN tried to find the source of the problem and they noticed that the internal components of the PC power supplies were sometimes different, even on identical models. This is not how assembly line production works.

    Usually, the same supplier offers the components in one model … because they have passed all the quality controls. The fact that the components are different proves that Gigabyte knew full well that its models were faulty and that it attempted to change the components along the way which is a disaster, as it is now unknown which models are good or not.

    The OPP at 120%

    But the main problem with models GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM is what is called OPP (Oversupply Power Protection). It is a protective mechanism that turns off the PC power supply if it exceeds the indicated power consumption. For example, a 750 watt PC power supply will trigger the OPP if it exceeds 800 watts.

    PC power supplies have a margin of tolerance. So a 750 watt model can draw up to 800 watts and dust. On the other hand, the OPP must trigger at a certain percentage and it is estimated that it must be at 80% or less. Simply put, a 750 watt PC power supply will trigger the OPP when it goes above 850 or 900 watts.

    Gigabyte had put its OPP at more than 120%! So if the PC power supply was strained too much, then the protection mechanism would go silent like a grave and we had a chain reaction that caused the explosion. But what Gamers Nexus explains is that there were explosions and failures, even when the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supplies did not exceed the allowable limit. Bottom line, Gigabyte products are really big crap.

    A very stupid reaction from Gigabyte

    As all reviewers have said, mistakes happen. You can’t count the number of brands that have released big shit, even though it’s classified as high end. We had the same thing with the H1 case from NZXT and it took the intervention of reviewers with complaints at the federal level for the brand to recall all the products and replace them.

    So mistakes are possible, but a good brand “stands out” for its speed of reaction. And there, Gigabyte was as quick as Biden when he had to choose between cereal on his breakfast and a dishonesty that would shock Al Capone. As has been said, these issues date back to October 2020 with a peak in the explosions epidemic in February and March 2021 when Newegg’s bundle was purchased en masse. And yet, Gigabyte’s first reaction dates from August 13, 2020, almost 11 months after the first problems.

    Worse yet, it was when Gigabyte got his ass red spanked by Gamers Nexus that he agreed to respond. And the answer is a bad time worthy of the worst politicians in human history. I mean, even Hitler would have looked more honest when he said he would never invade Poland!

    Gigabyte continues to dig its own grave

    What Gigabyte tells us in its announcement is that there are a few “small problems” with its PC power supplies, but in fact, it was the reviewers who pushed the tests under conditions that are not those reality. That’s the line you come up with when you wiggle your ass, that you made such a big bullshit that it could cost the skin of your business and you blame the whole world except your shitty little face!

    Power is power. It’s the job of the reviewers to test them under all conditions. And especially that Gigabyte is talking nonsense. Testing the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM PC power supplies has never been extreme. In fact, each product has only been tested once and that was enough to explode half of it! In addition, much of the power supply died even though it was not even overloaded.

    And for the time, because Gigabyte is that extreme testing took too long for a situation. 2 minutes… The tests lasted 2 minutes, I mean even the CEO of Gigabyte spends more time fucking his wife. So, we can say that 2 minutes is not really eternity embodied!

    And finally, if the power supply must shut down before overloading, it must shut down in a SAFE manner! And no, Gigabyte, an explosion does shut down the PC power supply, but you do not prevent an explosion by another explosion. Gigabyte’s first correction was to lower the OPP level so that the overload did not occur. But it has been mentioned that this happens even when the PC power supply was only 60% used which is less than normal PC use.

    And that’s what you have to understand. A person does not buy a $ 150 PC power supply to run a PC they bought from Best Buy or Wallmart. It uses them on high-end processors and graphics cards which are resource-intensive by nature. There have been so many negative reviews and articles that Gigabyte has agreed to replace the defective PC power supplies.

    But you can tell Gigabyte forgot to buy a brain. BECAUSE IT PROPOSES TO REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS BY PRODUCTS OF THE SAME MODEL !! It’s like you go to a doctor with your daughter and he kills her because of a misdiagnosis. And the doctor then says to you: “Don’t worry, bring me your other children, I will treat them the same way!

    The correct way would have been to replace the PC power supply with other models or components of equivalent value. But then there was the Ransomware.

    Gigabyte ransomware attack

    In early August 2021, Gigabyte was targeted by a ransomware attack that crippled its servers and much of its infrastructure. The main problem is that the technical support has been destroyed, especially the RMA (Return Material Authorization). It is the manufacturers’ procedure that allows a problem to be declared and a replacement to be requested if necessary.

    And Gigabyte’s server, which handled all RMA requests, was encrypted with Ransomware and Gigabyte decided not to pay the ransom. It’s a choice, he created another server, but it also means that all inquiries for almost 2 weeks, regarding the PC PSUs blowing up happily, disappeared in the wild. These users will no longer be able to request the replacement of their defective product.

    Like JayTwoCents says, KARMA, bitch !!! Gigabyte was a good brand a few years ago. It has offered good products and we can mention the AORUS range. But it’s all over. Often, Gigabyte products are defective, death on arrival is a norm with this brand. And the failure rate is vastly high compared to other high-end manufacturers.

    A technological sector that is nothing more than a bag of feces

    Even if error is allowed, it should be minimal with manufacturers who have chosen high-end computing compared to computing that is accessible to everyone. I mean, if a $ 150 PC power supply can kill you or burn your house down compared to a crappy $ 25 power supply, then that means this industry has a real problem.

    The fault of constantly putting compliance logos like 80+ in all the sauces and saying that we meet this or that standard. We stick a piece of paper on the box. This in no way guarantees the reliability of the components. With ever more savage globalization, we have component parts that are manufactured in a first country, assembled in a second country and then finalized in a third.

    China, even though Gigabyte is in Taiwan, has a habit of relocating its own factories all over Asia. Under these conditions, traceability is impossible. Me, I’m a reactionary old jerk. 20 years ago I was buying crappy components because I was poor and they fell apart after 2 months. 20 years later, nothing has changed, it’s just the shitty components you have to buy for hundreds of dollars … and I’m still poor by the way.

    The tech and computer industry has become a big bag of dung. Businesses swollen by tens of billions of dollars in speculation, marketing galore, but the consumer is still the sucker in history. Everyone stuffs themselves like pigs and technology remains the exclusive domain of the rich who can afford the best components. We saw this with the Radeon 6600XT, RTX 3060 case.

    It is time to burn this sector down to start fresh from zero.

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