The minimum PC configuration for Windows 11

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  • The PC requirements for Windows 11 are silly in various ways, especially on the components needed under the hood.

    The PC requirements for Windows 11 are silly in various ways, especially on the components needed under the hood.

    With great marketing and Novlanguage blows, Microsoft has announced Windows 11 which will be a graphic overhaul with already the first stupid idea of ​​putting the taskbar and the Start menu at the center. Knowing that you can customize them, it’s obvious that everyone will put them back in their usual place, which suggests that Microsoft developers have yet to understand anything about the Windows 10 debacle.

    Minimum requirements for Windows 11

    The minimum requirements for Windows are:

    • An 8th generation processor, i.e. the AMD 2000 series (This means you will need a PC from at least 2014)
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 2 GB of video memory (not specified, but given the components of video games will be on board, without a recent graphics card, the system will not run)
      A permanent internet connection
    • Microsoft account
    • UEFI Secure Boot
    • The TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

    Microsoft takes you for cash cows

    Personally, I still have a PC that is at least 10 years old and even for Windows 10 it was not compatible. So for Windows 11, we can fuck off ourselves. This minimum configuration is a big crap given the current context. Because with Windows 10, Microsoft had transformed its system into a minitel crammed with spyware which communicated all your personal data to Microsoft.

    The premise is that the lightest PC could run it with all the big tasks that would be done on the “Cloud”. With Windows 11, you will be forced to buy a new PC. And if 2 years ago you could buy a new PC for less than 500 dollars, now it will cost between 1000 and 1500 dollars because of the shortage of components.

    Even old processors and RAM are hard to find. And the shortage is such that it will last at least for the next 2 years. And obviously PC makers, who are often crooks, are going to scramble to scam people by telling them Windows 11 is Ze Solution and selling them PC crap at a price of gold.

    Spying, Spying, Spying

    But the worst part is that you will need an internet connection to install and configure Windows 11. And given the face of the announcement, it would not be surprising that this need for connection becomes permanent. Likewise, you will need a Microsoft account to connect to Windows 11.

    It involves more and more much mass spying on Microsoft’s servers. The UEFI Secure Boot, although well-intentioned, is also a big crap, because it basically prevented the installation of Linux on a motherboard that had this technology. The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a microcontroller that stores encryption keys, used to record biometric data.

    This is a technology that has mostly been used by PC manufacturers like HP or Dell. It does not provide any additional security for your PC.

    Conclusion, Windows 11 is on track to be a big crap and labyrinthine system!

    The bottom line is that the PC requirements for Windows 11 mean that you spend a fortune to buy a new PC because of the shortage of components. That you give your ass to Microsoft because it will spy on your every action with the mandatory account knowing that you will be required to obey US law even if you live in Toumbouctou.

    Best of all, TPM will mean that you buy your PC ready to use from a major manufacturer rather than assembling it yourself. In short, Windows 11 is a Trojan horse to make you swallow all the junk food you find in the PC industry by knocking off big multinationals.

    My final word, which is the same when that Windows 10 shit happened, switch to Linux, you’ll be fine! I will never forget all the mafia techniques with blackmail, forced, hidden, disguised updates that Microsoft used to impose Windows 10. And now that you’ve swallowed the first mountain of excrement, it’s time to swallow the rest of the septic tank Made in Microsoft.

    Author’s Conflict of Interest: This article was written on Windows 7 …

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