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  • The launch of the 6600XT shows all the rapacity of a system at the end of its rope.

    The launch of the 6600XT shows all the rapacity of a system at the end of its rope.

    The graphics card market looks like an ogre seeing its last hours arrived and rather than pondering what brought it to the brink of death, it prefers to stuff itself over and over again with its insatiable greediness nature. The launch of the entry-level Radeon 6600XT for an official price of $ 379 has many people wincing.

    This 6600XT uses the same shitty techniques as the Nvidia 3060 that we had already talked about. These cards are made with components that have not passed the quality control of the 3080 or 3090 or the 6800 XT or the 6900 XT. So basically you’re going to pay a minimum of $ 400 for a waste card.

    Conspiracy theorists will tell us that the silicon and chip shortage has been organized by manufacturers. The good-minded and those who think they are very smart, will tell us that this is bullshit. But the truth is sadder, the shortage is a godsend for a monopoly sector.

    And this is the case with graphics cards. They didn’t organize this shortage, but they’re doing nothing to combat it. When are people going to understand that companies like AMD or Nvidia don’t give a damn about consumers? The performance of a listed company has nothing to do with its actual performance.

    A company may be an open-air scam, but it can generate hundreds of billions of dollars on the stock market, and you just have to see Testla whose share value, given its actual performance, is zero. The role of these companies is to keep their shareholders happy and that’s it. Whether they’re selling good cards or a dung bag with the XT or Ti label on it, that’s not the problem.

    The 6600XT is already out of stock and prices are well over 580 dollars. Any shortage creates scalpers knowing that the pretext of crypto mining does not hold water as the industry has collapsed. However, it is wrong to say that graphics cards are in short supply. You find a plethora of them from PC manufacturers, names like Cyberpower, Ibuypower, HP, Dell. In fact, you can find all AMD and Nvidia cards as long as you agree to buy crappy PCs.

    The PC manufacturers are also a monopoly and therefore, we have ogres who pass the fresh flesh on each other while laughing out loud in front of the victims who are the consumers. They are always idiots, always waiting for the latest news and rushing to buy whatever the price. But it is mostly a problem of the rich in the rich countries. In poor countries, people line up for a bowl of rice.

    This graphics card crisis is going to destroy the DIY PC, it will only be left with PC manufacturers who will sell you thousands of shit to pocket millions of dollars. When you see what has become of a brand like Alienware, a top builder in the past, but today its PCs seem to have been built by macaques who listened to a speech by Biden for 4 hours.

    There is also the lie of price per performance. The 6600XT is a good card if it costs less than $ 200. The problem is, the price has kept going up, even for high-end cards, lying about the fact that you have more performance per dollar spent. But no one asks for this performance. The most demanding games run smoothly on cards like the 1050, which is several years old.

    Affordable-for-all computing has been destroyed by DIY PC morons who keep asking for more useless power just to show they have the biggest. Sales and test sites, Youtube reviewers who call themselves experts, are all complicit in this shit.

    We are told that prices will go down and stocks will go back up in 2023. But will your purchasing power be the same in 2 years? Rampant global inflation is wreaking havoc and has yet to affect the price of IT. In 2 years, maybe hundreds of cards will be available for $ 150, but you won’t even have $ 50 to fill your fridge.

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